We've hand picked these courses as we believe they offer the expert knowledge you need to make money with your laser. Cut the learning curve and trial and error and follow step by step from someone who has already done it before you.

our Pick
learn how to run door hanger workshops

Make Money Running Door Hanger Workshops

In this course Monica Baker walks you through five modules that guide you through launching a door hanger workshop business. It covers key decisions, securing and filling events, preparation, teaching, and closing events while utilizing social media for promotion.

We particularly like this course as if you don't yet have a laser this can be a way to get started and in fact fund your laser purchase. If you do have a laser then this course will help you make extra money for minimum time invested.

laser cut earrings mini course

Laser Cut Earrings Mini Course

Kacey Beal of Holly & Liz is an expert on laser cut earrings. In this course Kacey shares all of her successful steps, supplies, and information about selling, as well as wholesale details. Everything you could ever want to know about running a successful laser earring business is found in this workshop!

We've not seen a better way to generate revenue from a small amount of material. You can make 1000 pairs of stud earrings from one 500x300mm sheet of material!

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